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About us

Qingdao Zhonlgian Industrial Equipment Co., Ltd. was founded in 2007, which was specialized in the design, production, system integration and consulting for the warehousing logistics and industrial equipment. The company focused on the storage system planning, designing, integration and promotion, to provide the advanced warehouse management system and storage solutions.

Over Eleven (11) years with our continuously pursuing of the advanced logistics technology development, the company provided the most suitable solutions for various logistics system.

New products are mainly used in all fields such as food, automobile, machinery, electrical appliances, light industry, electronics, chemical industry and commercial logistics, etc. According to many years of experience, whole products are divided into storage shelves, logistics equipment, intelligent container types, while providing comprehensive, tailored service for modern factory.

Product Serials:

1, Intelligent Storage Solution: Vertical Carousel, Vertical Lift Modular;

2, Standard Warehouse Racking: light shelves, heavy shelves, shuttle racks;

3, Logistics equipment, warehouse cage, Cargo, work table, Tool cabinets;

Integrity, innovation, sustainable is our motto. We will continuously bring best concept and brilliant future for our clients.

We would like to provide the professional point of view, excellent quality and perfect service, looking forward to sincere cooperation with you.

Our Team

We are proud of possessing a team of extremely equipped and skilled experts. Our team includes highly encountered production experts, quality control assistants, able technicians, and engineers, accompanying with the skilled workforce and distributing personnel. Our team is an optimal blend of specialization and intelligent decision-making capabilities, which furnishes us to get greater performance from each business activity.

Why Us

We have performed a plenty of improvements and mixed business strategies to achieve a preeminent repute. As an organization, we have been exceeding the contest from over the years by producing innovative storage systems. We constantly endeavor for perfection, which is just not in the system but also put to tradition by passing evenhanded price range with appropriate awareness.

Our Vision

To be a leading and most admired company in the storage industry with a synonym "The complete storage solution."

Our Mission

UNION Industries is committed to be a world class storage solution provider by delivering exceptional, optimised, and flexible storage solutions to its custmore''s. We understand our customer''s needs and will work hard to provide innovative, creative and low cost product each time. We will work for customer satisfaction and job satisfaction, creation of wealth is not our primary aim but is a by-product of our process."

Qingdao Zhonglian Industrial Equipment Co.,Ltd.

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Contact: Mr. Mike Jordan

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Email: Jordan@MyKaaL.com

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