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Second of Trilogy Covid-19 Diary in 100 Days

Day 32 | Work & Production Resumption

The epidemic situation in whole country has become better and the peak has passed. With the joint efforts of the whole country, the epidemic situation has been alleviated to some extent. The government encourages necessary industries and enterprises to resume production and pay attention to various protective measures.

We have also started to return to work periodically, with only one person in each office and the rest of the staff working from home.

Local governments or control is relatively strict, enterprise heads to take the lead in strengthening the epidemic prevention.

Finally, the Sun is here.

Day 35 | Number of New Cases Globally Exceeds of China

"Yesterday, for the first time, the number of new cases reported outside China exceeded the number of new cases reported inside China." World health organization (WHO) director general Habib Tandeser said in Geneva, Switzerland.

South Korea: alert raised to highest level of 'SEVERE'

Japan: the international Olympic committee says the Tokyo games could be postponed or cancelled.

Day 36 | A Man infected by the same stairs as his neighbor

Two weeks before the onset of the disease, there was no other case of continuous transmission of the region and overseas travel or living history from Mr. A.

However, Mr. A’s downstairs neighbor Mr. B who came from the United Kingdom isolation observation, during the activities in the community, go to the supermarket shopping. On the second day, Mr. B went to the community by the stairs to apply for an entrance card. He became ill on the 9th , and walked to the hospital on the 11th . On the 12th , he was diagnosed as a confirmed case of Covid-19.

Epidemiological investigation found that Mr. A and Mr. B have recently taken the stairs. Mr. A may have come into contact with the pollution of the staircase environment by Mr. B on the 11th.

Day 37 | The fall of Italy

According to sources in Italy, the outbreak has been concentrated in two northern regions. There were only three confirmed cases in Italy before Tuesday, and the number of confirmed cases has soared in just a few days, making it the worst-hit country.

Italy has revealed the trajectory of a confirmed patient who took part in a number of public events, including marathons, football matches, dinners, business meetings and nightclubs, affecting more than 50,000 residents "on his own", leading to the closure of 10 cities in the northern region and another.

Although the government has taken preventive measures, Italians have not raised their awareness of the virus. Many people think this is just a normal flu, continue to eat with friends, to participate in the crowd of events. It caused the outbreak to spread widely in the community. This almost led to the early work of the government to prevent the epidemic.

Day 39 | Outbreak in Iran Raging

According to a press released Iran, Iran has undertaken a series of measures to contain the spread further: translate Chinese medical scheme into Persian released to the public, all of the national school suspension, cancel all meetings, including weddings and funerals, implementation of temperature monitoring in public places, group to carry out the national door screen...

But unfortunately, some Iranian people did not pay attention to these calls and measures, and even think it is a "farce", still go their own way, class of class, worship or worship. Many also questioned the authenticity of official information.

But within days, it was the third most confirmed and dead country in the world, behind only China and Italy.

Day 42 | Vehicle Battery Failure

Home limit has been more than 40 days, today the weather is fine, plan to go out for an outing. But when I got to the parking lot, the Buick wouldn't open the doors, and the electric keys didn't respond! What's going on?

Call the car dealer that, because the car may be parked for a long time, and catch up with the cold winter environment, the car battery must be fed. Service providers sent to charge, two times are not, can only temporarily replace the battery, the first to the repair shop.

Later learned from the service providers, recently because of the ultra-long time vehicle parking, has caused a lot of vehicles battery loss, this month to replace the number of battery equivalent to a year's workload.

Day 45 | The increase was reduced to double digits

Today's news says the number of new cases nationwide has dropped to double digits for the first time, with fewer than 100 new cases in a single day. This means that we have won the battle against the epidemic. From the peak of 3000 people a month ago, the number has been reduced to double digits. The people of Wuhan paid a huge price, the people of the whole country paid a huge price!

History has proved that in less than two months, the Chinese people have once again demonstrated the determination and courage of mankind to overcome natural disasters. The strict epidemic prevention measures adopted by the government are effective and the people's efforts have paid off!

Dawn beckons to us, victory is in sight!

Day 47 | Support Italy

The outbreak in China has been under control, but the outbreak in Europe has taken people by surprise. Italy is the new epicentre of the earthquake, increasing at a rapid rate every day.

China sent a professional medical team to Italy, bringing much needed medical supplies, which was warmly welcomed by the Italian government and people.

China is the first country to go to Italy, A Real Friend!

Day 49 | Mobile Cabin Hospital Closed

Today again came the good news, Wuhan all Mobile Cabin Hospitals Closed! 16 Mobile cabin hospitals, treated 20,000 people in 35 days.

Mobile cabin hospital, a special hospital that played a key role in the critical period of epidemic prevention and control, successfully completed its historical mission.

This is a "Cabin" on the "Noah's ark" -- as the vice President of the Chinese academy of engineering and President of the Chinese academy of medical sciences put it. Here, with the smallest social resources, the most simple place changes, can be the fastest to achieve the purpose of expanding the capacity.

Another sign of victory!

Day 51 | Number of confirmed cases in Wuhan dropped to single digits

This is the first time that the number of new cases in Wuhan has dropped to single digits in the heavy fighting since the closure of the city. This fully proves that China is effective in fighting the epidemic and that its epidemic prevention measures have been tested in practice and are worth spreading. In the face of major crises, the Chinese people have once again demonstrated the fine quality of obeying orders in all actions.

At the beginning, the world did not understand China, thinking that China was worried and made a fuss. It was just a little flu, but was it so nervous? Through this incident, we can finally see the importance of China to the people.

The outbreak in China is clearly under control and may soon be cleared.

China to the second half, the world began the first half !

Day 53 | The Queen of England moved out of London

Britain's queen Elizabeth II has temporarily moved out of Buckingham Palace to take shelter at Windsor castle outside London, British media reported.

The queen moved out of London, the British people are worried, 100,000 people request the city to be lockdown!

More than 100,000 people have signed a petition calling on the UK government to take a "more active approach" to stop the outbreak.

150,000 people have been diagnosed worldwide! Italy added more than 4,000 people in one day!

Day 54 | Zero Existing Cases

With the exception of Wuhan, all the existing cases have been cleared, indicating that after so many days of efforts, the current epidemic has been effectively controlled and finally improved. I believe that we will soon be able to clear the clouds and see the sky, and finally win.

But getting better does not mean winning, resting easy and having fun. The world is a game of chess, the global control, is really control.

More than 3,400 people have died globally than in China.

Day 55 | Great News: No New Confirmed Case!

Today's great news is that there are no new confirmed cases in China!

Two months of hard fighting against the virus, finally got the good news! The people of the whole country worked together to tide over the difficulties, finally see results!

However, the total number of outbreaks in the world has surpassed that in China, and the epidemic continues to grow! There is no new case here today, but there is one imported case from USA!

Day 56 | Wake up, The World Shuts Down!

The secretary of defense and the deputy secretary of USA Defense will be separated.

EU: no "non-essential" travelers are allowed to enter the EU area.

France: imposed stricter travel restrictions and closed borders.

Malaysia: no Malaysians are allowed to leave the country and no non-Malaysians are allowed to enter the country.

Spain: seal land borders.

Russia: all foreign nationals and stateless persons are prohibited from entering the country.

Canada: no entry for non-citizens and permanent residents.

Day 57 |  Support Medical team return home

The white soldiers are the best! Support Hubei medical team return home in succession, held a grand welcome ceremony to welcome the triumphant hero medical team.

Airport with civil aviation industry's highest etiquette - "Water Gate" ceremony to greet medical staff! Police car clear the way! Cuirassiers salute! Retrograde line! Hero triumphant return!

Welcome Home Heroes!

Day 58 | Many countries appealed to China for help

Countries that have asked for assistance include Italy, Iran, Spain, Iraq, Serbia, Norway and the Philippines.

China was the first country to be hit by the epidemic. In the fight against the epidemic, China's industrial capacity quickly played an important role, whether it was masks, protective clothing or respirators, which were in short supply at the beginning, but soon began to return to normal production and supply. This is a capability that no other country has today.

China is willing to help countries in need all over the world with its ability.


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