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First of Trilogy Covid-19 Diary in 100 Days

Day 5 | First in World History: LockDown City!

Today is the fifth day of LockDown city, and we will take LockDown of WuHan as the starting point to fight against the epidemic. The next day after the LockDown is the traditional Spring Festival. If the Spring Festival holiday is the usual, there will be 4 billion people traveling to visit relatives and so on. Although we heard about the virus before the closure, it didn't get enough attention and we still lived a normal life. I remember when I heard the news for the first time that day, I told my family that "WuHan is Locked Down." We were all shocked, because this move was unique in the history of the world. No other country in the history of the world has had such courage and spunk, a city of 10 million people was closed up, not allowed to leave!

We were supposed to visit our parents' house today, but we were so scared, we didn't know how serious it was, so we decided not to go out and stay at home.

Day 6 | Theaters & Shopping Mall Closed !

The state extends the Traditional New Year holiday by three days to reduce the flow of people. For years the holiday has been seven days, and now it's ten days, making it the longest holiday on the history. The Spring Festival holiday is supposed to be a good time to travel, but a sudden outbreak of disease completely disrupted the pace of our lives. The government banned fireworks, no firecrackers sound, no fireworks flash. Movie theaters are closed! Five anticipated movies that were supposed to grab the golden holiday screen have been postponed indefinitely. Shopping malls are closed!

No entertainment! No relaxation! Just overwhelming news of the epidemic, let a person panic! It is really very scared, there are many people died after infection, there is no targeted and effective treatment medicine, the patient can only rely on their own resistance. God Bless!

Day 7 | The GM of the Italian company fled !

My wife works for an Italian investment company whose general manager, an Italian, was in a hurry to flee city when the outbreak broke out. The next day there were reported no flights to Europe, many airlines canceled several international flights, but many foreigners who had not been able to evacuate were stranded there. Domestic flights have also been cancelled as no one travels and the government has asked citizens to give their full support to the fight against the outbreak and reduce unnecessary travel.

A relative's family went on a planned trip two days ago, but it was announced today that they had returned home because all the attractions had been closed!

The streets were sparsely populated and the usual traffic was gone.

Day 8 | Only 15 Seconds! To get infected without wearing a mask!

Today, we heard a news, let us really surprised, hair stand!

A 56-year-old man was diagnosed with COVID19 yesterday. According to the investigation, the patient had no history of living and traveling in the epidemic area and no history of wildlife contact in the 14 days before the onset of the disease. Before the onset of the disease, the activity track was mainly in the living community, including vegetable market, supermarket, restaurant and other places. According to the public video comparison of the public security department, on one day when the patient was buying vegetables in the market, he briefly (about 15 seconds) stayed at the same booth with a passer-by (the 61-year-old woman diagnosed with the disease), and both of them did not wear masks.


Day 9 | Relatives travel back twists and turns !

Three of my sister's family went on a trip to Vietnam ten days ago. They plan to come back today. They want us to pick them up at the airport. But now that the social situation has changed dramatically, the epidemic has become more serious, and the country is taking more precautions, we are all afraid to go out. They said their scheduled flight in the afternoon had been rescheduled to arrive at the airport at one o’clock in the early morning. According to the current situation, we are psychologically worried about meeting and contacting people who come back from other places, although they are relatives. What can we do about it?

At the same time, I saw some other friends in the circle of friends who recently went to India for travel. Their scheduled return routes before departure were all disrupted, and many international airlines were grounded. They went through a lot of hardships to get home. Outside the people, home is extravagant hope.

Day 10 | Highway closed! Masks are not available!!

Today, the epidemic situation has been strictly controlled again. Most of the entrances and exits of the expressway are required to be closed. Coach services were suspended in most cities across the country, as were intercity buses to the countryside. If you want to go out, there is really no way.

Masks are no longer available! Even alcohol disinfectants are in demand.

The shelves of the supermarket have become empty and there has been no replenishment for a long time.

Day 11 | Delivery of 1000 beds hospital in 10 days!

Today all the media are spreading a great news, 1000 beds hospital, just ten days to deliver! The task was assigned on January 23 and completed and delivered on February 2.With a total floor area of 34,000 square meters, it can accommodate 1,000 beds. In order to increase the speed and ability of treatment, the government gathered all the strength to create a miracle in the history of architecture.

Thanks for the hard work of more than 7000 workers!

Proud of our strong motherland!

Day 14 | Peak of 3,880 in one day!

By yesterday the number of new confirmed cases had peaked at 3,880. What a terrible number! That so many people are infected, and so many others are untreatable, is not sensational, it is a fact.

The good news is that another 1,000-bed hospital has been delivered. The 2, 000-bed hospital will greatly relieve the pressure of local medical treatment and improve the cure rate.

Winter comes to an end, can spring be far behind?

Day 15 | "If anything happens to me, please help to take care of my parents"!

He's an emergency department doctor, she's an infectious disease doctor, and they're a very sweet couple in the hospital. The outbreak suddenly swept over, the hospital into the state of emergency preparedness, the two departments are the frontline of the outbreak of the key departments. Both couple signed up to work in the negative pressure ward at the forefront of the fight against the epidemic. She insisted that she was a doctor in the department of infectious diseases, more professional, in the fight against the epidemic line to play a greater role.

"If anything happens to me, you can help me take care of my parents." She whispered the words.

The couple of doctors, one on the first floor of the emergency room and the other on the front line of the negative pressure ward, stick to their posts in their own way, fulfill the promise of doctors and wait for their little love.

Day 16 | From diagnosis to recovery, a medical graduate student lives and dies in 10 days!

My first symptom was that I began to feel uncomfortable after the dinner party with my classmates. I didn't even think about COVID19. How could it be my turn!

Fourth day, 38 degrees centigrade. I am very frightened: how to do? To the county hospital to know that I was the first county in the isolation ward. Why is it my turn?

All of a sudden, I WAS OUT OF OXYGEN!

Try to breathe, at the same time to calm down, tension will be more hypoxia, call a nurse to send oxygen bottles, breathing oxygen gulp breathing, the body chest hard to cooperate, ups and down.

I told myself that no matter how hard it was, I couldn't fall asleep, or I might forget to breathe on my own. Do not lie down, or you will pressure the insides, so always lean, legs and body maintain about 100 degrees.

Medically, the respiratory distress I experienced was one of the most severe manifestations of the outbreak. Ordinary people have difficulty holding their noses, but when I have difficulty breathing, I can't remember to breathe.

It took two or three hours for the hands and feet to heat up, and the body was no longer dying, and then the fever was close to 39 degrees, but I think it's a good thing that the immune system is finally fighting again.

On the fourth day my temperature was 37 degrees and I was getting better and better.

Day 17 | Big Party Without Audience

Today's Lantern Festival party, audience program was cancelled because of COVID-19, the host said it was an unusual Lantern Festival, the audience was empty, "we use art to send people warm, love and blessings." The hosts also sent festive greetings and paid high tribute to the medical workers and other personnel who are still working on the front line of the epidemic prevention and control in whole country.

This year's Lantern Festival party is more meaningful than any time, she supports every struggle in the front line of the hero, encourages every patient isolated in the ward, accompanied by the epidemic to stop the spread of the thousands of households!

Day 18 | Not Only Elder Susceptible

Until now, we thought that only the very old were susceptible to COVID infection. However, according to public information in the news, COVID can be infected in susceptible groups ranging from one-year-old infants to centenarians. Therefore, the government has put special emphasis on the elderly and strictly prohibited the gathering activities of the retired elderly. And the rest of us need to take care of ourselves.

The government has strengthened the community epidemic prevention. Now all other entrances and exits in our community have been closed except one. All personnel must register and take their temperature.

The school was supposed to open today, but it's still on holiday. Students can only at home online classes, learning state is not good.

Day 20 | Mobile Cabin Hospital

A temporary, efficient and high-volume hospital is refreshing. The "Mobile Cabin Hospital" is a kind of mobile medical space, similar to the field mobile hospital. Unlike the mobile field hospitals used in the war or earthquake relief, this "Mobile Cabin Hospital" is a fixed location, through the reconstruction of large venues, its mobility is mainly reflected in the beds and transportable medical facilities, that is, the temporary hospital venue modification version.

The practice of the Mobile Cabin Hospital not only shattered the rumors about "refugee camp" and "concentration camp", but also gave the society a lot of beneficial and profound enlightenment from the sociological level.

Moreover, the most satisfying thing is that during the period of hospitalization, whether it is medical rehabilitation, or material and spiritual life, all the necessary expenses, all the public expenses, do not have to worry about their own, out of pocket.

Day 21 | Snow Cover Virus ?

Today, the home has not been out for more than 20 days, the children have not gone out. It snowed today, a whole day of heavy snow, has not seen such a big snow for several years, we can make a snowman snowball fights good day. However, because the epidemic affected the people all over the country did not go out, we also dare not easily go out to play snow. As well stay at home.

Some people say that snow can cover the virus in the air, the air will be purified. Another theory is that the snow on the ground is contaminated with viruses, making it unsafe to play with.

Under such circumstances, we are not in the mood to go out to play in the snow, these days the national epidemic is at its peak. Hope the peak will be over earlier.

Day 23 | Total 6,000 medical team support

Today, the best hospitals in our city have formed a medical team to support Wuhan. According to the unified deployment of the state, one province supports one district of Wuhan. All the best doctors from other provinces were selected to set up a medical team, and a total of 6,000 people went to Wuhan to fight against the epidemic.

Day 25 | Japanese hospitals shut down voluntarily

A friend lives in Japan and retweets the article about the local hospital conditions in Japan. Because most of the hospitals in Japan are privately owned, for their own safety, they will close their doors at the moment of the epidemic and will not accept COVID infection. Other patients were also turned away.

Japan is the host country of this year's Olympic Games. If there is a widespread outbreak of the disease and it is not well controlled, it will seriously affect the Olympic Games.

What is the point of hosting the Olympics if there is a pandemic of infectious diseases around the world?

Day 27 | Crazy Korea

According to the news today, the epidemic in South Korea is on a crazy rise, because a church held a meeting, nearly ten thousand people attended, so the infection is particularly serious, has been the second epidemic in Asia.

The situation in the country had been expected to improve and there had been little increase in confirmed cases for several days. However, due to the sudden change in neighboring South Korea, the government once again raised the level of epidemic prevention, all south Korean visitors are quarantined.

The resident on the fourth floor of our unit has Korean relatives, so we are very worried and need to strengthen self-protection.

Day 30 | Over 80,000 Infected

The latest figures today show that the number of confirmed cases has peaked at more than 80,000. However, the number of people cured and discharged is also increasing and the number of critically ill cases is decreasing. The government has carried out a blanket search of the entire city of Wuhan, with nearly 10 million people, every household, to confirm the number of cases. That's a great way.

At present, there are a total of 16 Mobile Cabin Hospitals, which can handle all the confirmed local cases, especially mild cases, and receive good treatment.

We are not far from victory.


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