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Logistics distribution - solution description.

Logistics distribution - solution description.

Shelf characteristics

1. Generally, the goods are stored in the shelf after being packaged in a tray, storage cage and other unit equipment. Each unit load is normally within 4000kg, and two units are usually placed on each floor.

2. It is one of the most common and widely used shelves and is suitable for most warehouses or products.

3. 100% random selection of goods. Transport machinery such as forklift can reach any place to carry on storage operation, storage operation convenient, quick!

4. Storage operation with mechanical handling equipment.

5. The shelf span of the unit is generally within 4m, and the depth is within 1.5m. The shelf height of low and high warehouse is generally within 12m, and the shelf height of the super-high warehouse is generally within 30m.

6. The shelves can also be equipped with laminated plates, steel plates or grille nets. To use different sizes of pallets.

Shelves use

The shelves are widely used in manufacturing, third party logistics and distribution center, etc., automobile, food, chemical industry, medicine, electronics, electric appliance, clothing, transportation, logistics, etc.

It is suitable for many kinds of small batch goods, and it is suitable for a small variety of goods.

Such shelves are most commonly used in high - and high - level warehouses. It has important bearing, high adaptability, mechanical access, high efficiency and high efficiency, but the space utilization is general.


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