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Mechanical hardware - solution description.

Mechanical hardware - solutions.

1. Medium shelf shelves:
The structure of the shelf is combined with the beam and laminated plate, which can carry 200-500kg. The structural parts can be freely assembled and removed. The height can be adjusted and the spacing is 50mm.
Product features:
1) combined structure, flexible combination and easy handling.
2) the number of layers can be arbitrarily added or reduced according to the requirements, and the storage space is optimized.
3) the laminates can be arbitrarily adjusted every 50mm.
4) the layer can be planked, steel plate and easy to install without any screws or coupling.
Length: 1000-2500mm; 500-2500 - mm width; The height is no more than 3500mm;

2. Heavy beam shelf:
With the combination of beams and columns, the single layer can be up to 1-3 tons with weight, can store pallets, also can be used in the configuration layer, the shelf can be disassembled freely, and the adjustment distance is 75mm.
Product features:
1. Generally, the goods are stored in the shelf after being packaged in a tray, storage cage and other unit equipment. Or a single carpet is placed directly on the shelf through a forklift through the spool. The load per unit is generally within 3000kg.
2. One of the most common and widely used shelves, suitable for most cloth warehouses or textile fabrics.
3. 100% random selection of goods. The forklift can be stored in any place for storage, and the storage is convenient and quick.
4. The shelf span of the unit is generally within 4m, the depth is within 3.5m, and the shelf height of the high warehouse is generally within 12m, and the height of the high-elevation warehouse is generally within 30m.
Length: 2000-4000mm; 1500-4000 - mm width; The height is not greater than 10000mm;

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