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COVID Self-Report of Medical Student

COVID Self-Report of Medical Student


From diagnosis to recovery, a medical graduate student lives and dies in 10 days!

After a class reunion, the girl who was studying medicine in WuHan began to feel unwell. After returning home, she was diagnosed with new pneumonia and was admitted to the isolation ward of the county hospital with inadequate medical conditions. From the fever to the basic recovery, the graduate student used professional knowledge and local medical staff to fight the virus for 10 days.

My first symptom was that I began to feel uncomfortable after the dinner party with my classmates, and my head was a little dizzy. I had a thermometer with me, and I felt a little hot, 37.2 degrees. I guess I ate too much and drank too much and went straight to bed.

I didn't even think about the new coronavirus. How could it be my turn!

At noon on the fourth day, I felt feverish, 38 degrees centigrade, very cold, and my muscles began to feel sore.

At that time I am very frightened: how to do, oneself is "infected"? I cried in secret. I knew something was wrong. I call the hospital emergency call to tell each other clearly: I have a fever, probably infected with the virus.

To the county hospital to know that I was the first county in the isolation ward. Why is it my turn?

I was diagnosed the next day. I was the first patient in the hospital, and the doctors were inexperienced. A lot of times I just search the Internet and talk to them. But at 12 o 'clock that night, I suddenly felt a little weak in my breathing. I felt my heartbeat weak down, and then feel the carotid artery almost can not feel the beat, there is a sound is a rustle, is not normal dong dong dong.

All of a sudden, I WAS OUT OF OXYGEN! 

Try to breathe, at the same time to calm down, tension will be more hypoxia, call a nurse to send oxygen bottles, breathing oxygen gulp breathing, the body chest hard to cooperate, ups and down.

I told myself that no matter how hard it was, I couldn't fall asleep, or I might forget to breathe on my own. Do not lie down, or you will pressure the insides, so always lean, legs and body maintain about 100 degrees.

Medically, the respiratory distress I experienced was one of the most severe manifestations of the outbreak. Ordinary people have difficulty holding their noses, but when I have difficulty breathing, I can't remember to breathe.

I called the doctors and told them to be ready for rescue at any time, but if they didn't come to rescue, organ failure, give up as soon as possible, don't waste medical resources.

Before the doctor came, I was taking oxygen desperately, trying to move my limbs, trying to warm them up, and recording a deathbed video. I'd like to say goodbye to you. It's been on and off for 20 minutes.

The doctor came at two or three o 'clock in the morning and encouraged me and told me to hold on, but my hands and feet were cold and numb, my face was white, my hearing was very weak, and I could not speak with any strength.

It took two or three hours for the hands and feet to heat up, and the body was no longer dying, and then the fever was close to 39 degrees, but I think it's a good thing that the immune system is finally fighting again.

Later, I breathed in oxygen to calm myself and couldn't fall asleep. Although my muscles continued to ache, it was reasonable to exist. If not, I fell asleep and forgot to breathe.

Trance until the morning, I clearly feel that I have passed a bullet, out of oxygen, autonomous breathing gradually restored.

The third day was much better.

In those days, I communicated with my classmates and friends, and found that everyone was afraid. I did not know when the epidemic would be controlled.Since want to live, it is necessary to face all these calmly.

On the fourth day my temperature was 37 degrees and I was getting better and better.

After entering the hospital, I have been paying attention to the cured cases, from the onset to discharge, the course of illness in about 14 days.

I'm fine, recovered.


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